Edge Consulting is a business-to-business marketing agency, with a deep understanding of the commercial landscape.

Our team is accredited and experienced within the markets that we serve giving us a unique capability to deliver effective campaigns and highly qualified leads structured around your company and its market.

Our business is to create revenue for yours.

Our Markets

Financial Services Market

  • Edge Consulting are expertly attuned to the financial services market and have considerable expertise in taking forward a full complement of services, including pensions, investment, actuarial and tax propositions.

    Uniquely, we have direct experience of working within private practice and our accredited team are able to carry your brand to market confidently, with the ability to address, uncover and fluently discuss topical subjects with the right audience.

    Our experience and knowledge of the financial services industry makes our ability to understand, embrace and even predict changes within a range of services. From pensions, audit services, investment advice through to actuarial, trustee and corporate tax services.

  • From a boutique accounting firm through to a multi-disciplinary international practice, we can design, implement and deliver the campaigns that will help to generate more new business.

    If you want to increase your pipeline of highly qualified leads and generate more revenue in the Financial Services space then get in touch.

    Email: info@edgeconsulting.co.uk
    Call:+44 845 004 3446

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Professional Services Market

  • Edge Consulting take a diverse range of complex commercial service offerings to market on behalf of our clients.

    From tax advisory, through to management consulting and commercial legal services, our accredited team have a strong track record in building prestigious business relationships.

    Through our experienced and ongoing dialogue with your prospective market, we are able to uncover and address the pain points of your potential clients and match these to your services.

  • Whether it be a specialist consulting firm or complex tax advisory, through to a full-service commercial legal practice, Edge Consulting are adept at delivering marketing campaigns that deliver new client opportunities to you.

    If you want to increase your pipeline of highly qualified leads and generate more revenue in the Professional Services space then get in touch.

    Email: info@edgeconsulting.co.uk

    Call:+44 845 004 3446

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Technology Services Market

  • Technology is a market where being static leads to being left behind, like Blockbuster being supplanted by Netflix. On the other hand going too fast without experience can leave you with innovation without a market like Askjeeves.

    As markets move to Centralisation, Virtualisation, Hybrid solutions and surfacing information through structured and unstructured data you need an agency that can weather the constant shifting sands of the market, understand your proposal and still be up and running quickly when taking your proposition to market.

    It is not good enough to be another person on the phone, you need to be able to show real value and differentiation, and our team can help you achieve this. We don’t talk specs, though we can, we talk about value and the impact of your solution, in a way that is individual and relevant to your prospect.

  • Whether a Vendor, Reseller or Distributor our team is experienced, accredited and has an understanding of the technology market that makes our unscripted conversations and our digital campaigns, personal, measurable and successful.

    If you want to increase your pipeline of highly qualified leads and generate more sales in the Technology Market space then get in touch.

    Email: info@edgeconsulting.co.uk

    Call:+44 845 004 3446

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Our Services

Our services cover inbound and outbound digital and direct marketing, with a variety of deployment techniques, tested through the delivery of over 500 marketing campaigns.
Whether your business is within the Financial Services, Professional Services or Technology markets, our services are well attuned and delivered with an emphasis on return on investment and revenue growth for you.


Outbound Marketing

Telemarketing is one of the simplest and most effective direct marketing techniques available. We have been at the forefront of telemarketing techniques and programs for over a decade and have provided telemarketing services for a range of clients and campaigns that deliver time and again.

Providing your business with the opportunity to meet with important decision makers in your prospective market is a key component to our telemarketing services and the growth of your business.

Edge Consulting has a proud heritage within the marketing industry. We invest in a high-calibre team because we understand the importance of ensuring your company makes the best first impression.

By making sure that our team has a strong commercial focus, our opportunities are able to bring you the business issues of the individuals or organisations we speak to and then align these to your services. By ensuring our team has a strong commercial background, we have tools to gather the information that counts to you and your prospective clients.

The success of a company largely depends on the traction it can get within the market. Telemarketing offers an unscripted way of engaging a prospective audience and is conducive in building meaningful business relationships.

Unsurprisingly, telemarketing offers a great tool to booking delegates into seminars, webinars and events, ensuring that your prospective audience are well informed and comfortable with your organisation before they attend.

Using telemarketing in this way ensures that retention rates are strong, brand awareness is on point and that your pre-event planning is in safe hands.

Whilst the purchase of contact data can be a useful step in the screening of your target decision makers, key account profiling goes to the heart of the procurement behaviours that your clients have. Getting the process right can often mean the difference between winning the contract or losing out by a significant margin.

By using primary and secondary research techniques, Edge Consulting are able to find out who the decision makers are, existing contract procurement positions and forthcoming events that will drive procurement in the future for your clients.

Lead Generation

Lead generation provides an in-depth strategy to ensure that each and every opportunity reaches its full potential. It can be used as a stand-alone service, or complimented with traditional telemarketing.

We understand the importance of multi-channel marketing and work with you on a bespoke plan to engage your clients in a way that complements your business.

The single most effective tool in pooling together a wellspring of opportunities for your business is having regular and relevant dialogue with your prospects. This can mean the difference between winning a contract and not knowing that the opportunity was ever there in the first place.

Lead generation telemarketing brings together the right intelligence for nurturing future business relationships. By using high-calibre telemarketers, Edge Consulting ensures that your company is at the forefront of your prospects’ minds through meaningful and timely dialogue.

This approach can be used to bolster your internal business development plan and give you the tools necessary to imbed your business within the buying cycle of your prospective market. Alternatively, you can use Lead Generation to compliment our Appointment Setting service and bring together a sustainable, yet flexible, approach to business development.

Continual improvement is at the heart of any successful organisation. To that end, business development is a prime candidate for process improvement and fine-tuning.

When your business doesn’t win an opportunity, your prospective clients will often feedback the positive, rather than the negative about your business and its involvement in their procurement cycle. Although a professional courtesy, this is often unhelpful in identifying areas in which your business can improve its win/loss ratio.

Through a conscientiously positioned survey exercise, particularly where the feedback remains anonymous, we are often able to report back on why opportunities were missed, where the competition stood out and why they didn’t go with your business. From this, you have the intelligence needed to improve your sales and marketing strategy, allowing you to refine your methods and return to the table with a plan that encompasses your client values and purchase habits.

Turning a missed opportunity into a tool for future success can be an incredibly powerful exercise that will ensure you stand out against the competition and can strengthen your position within the market profoundly.

Ensuring that your prospects are targeted accurately is an important aspect to any marketing campaign. Using a broad range of techniques, ranging from research, to list procurement and database building or cleaning, Edge Consulting can help build the right infrastructure for your campaign to get off to the best possible start.

If you need a list based on the usual demographics, or something more tailored, such as a type of service that your clients have in place, Edge Consulting are positioned well to deliver it for you.

Lead Generation


Digital Marketing

Both research and practice have shown that using multiple points of marketing in reaching potential clients is more likely to draw their attention. By using this strategy, workflow is more productive and focussed, time is saved and, importantly, sales typically increase by an average of 20%.

Whether you are new to SEO or have been using digital marketing for a while we can help you improve your natural ranking and generate more leads.

We know how to add add value to your website and, in turn, your business.
Unlock the potential of your brand with the power of social media by getting close to your customers and championing them as ambassadors. Utilise word of mouth to excite your followers – good content can spread like wildfire in the right hands. Our campaigns can help you drive new opportunity and provide a broad base of leads
Build a platform for additional leads and engage with your customers using intelligent monitoring tools that integrate with your CRM platforms.

From idea generation to strategy, creative design and build, we run campaigns that include split testing to increase open rates and provide analysis to increase the likelihood of engaging your prospects.

We provide a full end to end web experience; a website can say so much about your business, so we make sure that from technology, through to design standards, you are always ahead of the competition.
We partner with inbound marketing specialists; online lead generation is a multi-faceted approach. By utilising automation tools, the power of social, and specifically curated content, we drive clients to your door.

We help you focus your message and, with the correct tools and a proven methodology, we help to bring focus to your business marketing strategy.

Marketing and Communications Services

Uncover opportunity and evolve faster utilising Marketing and Communications services from Edge Consulting
Edge Consulting helps you close the gap between your business strategy and execution with our strategic services. We can help align people, processes, and technology to your commercial objectives by using best practices and expertise through our Business Process Management service. In addition, we can help you make the right choices with our Financial and Legal consultancy. Take advantage of proven innovation management methodology and services, quickly achieve the latest digital business goals and keep your company at the very cutting edge.

Free Sales Consultancy Checkup

We offer a free discovery session to benchmark your sales engine, and provide recommendations and best practice to improve it.

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Lead Generation

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Service Lines

Direct Marketing Experts

Senior Team

Meet our senior management team

Alvin Williston-Davis

Alvin Williston-Davis


An experienced lead generation expert.
Focused on client experience.
Husband. Father. Entrepreneur.

Aftab Butt

Aftab Butt

Business Services

Former lawyer and Lincoln’s Inn prize winner.
Heading up Legal, and Financial Services
Sales expert and extreme sporter.

Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt

Marketing & Commercial Services

Expert in global corporate marketing and communications services.
Approachable, Innovative, Philanthropist.

Our Core Values

Integrity & Transparency

We strive to preserve the highest levels of ethics, openness and fairness in all of our actions. Subsequently, we value trust and personal accountability. This reflects our belief that a constant set of core values is a vital compass, required to ensure success in a dynamic and highly competitive industry. .

Strategic Creativity

Strategic creativity must be at the core of everything we do. We operate in the fast-changing world of communication and marketing. As such, we place a premium on individuals capable of anticipation and innovation. Original thinkers whose ideas break through the clutter to create value for both our clients and our business..

Dedication to Success

Our people are dedicated to success. Without exception, each of us has to demonstrate exceptional drive and focus. They have a willingness to consistently act with our clientsʼ interests at the forefront of their minds. By driving to stretch our capabilities and seize opportunities, they continually exceed both our goals and the expectations of our clients..

Executional Excellence

In order for the campaigns we create to succeed and for our company to grow profitably, our work must be rooted in executional excellence. The complexity of today’s business landscape demands that our people have greater functional knowledge and expertise than ever before. We strive to ensure that technical capability is the bedrock of our service to ensure we deploy the very best marketing campaigns for our clients..

Collaboration & Growth

We value individuals and work ethics that promote collaboration and growth. Selfless team builders that promote open dialogue and share in successes. A strong leadership that identify and develop talent, as well as strengthen the organisation through diversity. Individuals who quickly find common ground and solve problems for the greater good are those who will take our company forward..

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